The Structure of an Essay

Writing an essay means putting different ideas together to make an argument. As you know, essays are linear and thus give one idea at a time. Arranging the schemes is vital for the reader to understand the writer with ease. For you to attend to a reader’s logic, you need to structure your essay well, especially if you are doing one of psychology writing jobs. The focus of the text will tell more about the structure. It gives the information readers want and also the correct order. Parts of an Essay An essay has different information that gets explained Continue reading The Structure of an Essay

Interesting Coronavirus Essay Topics

Coronavirus has stopped everything around the world. It has changed the life of everyone leaving people miserable and suffering. It is good to know more about the pandemic. How does it affect people? Since it is new, many topics exist that can be researched. Here are Coronavirus essay topics: Economy essay themes related to Coronavirus How Coronavirus has affected the world’s economy Theories, myths, and origin of Coronavirus How other nations have handled the pandemic Can COVID 19 cause economic recession of great impact? Explain some of the measures being taken by countries to survive a falling economy Is Continue reading Interesting Coronavirus Essay Topics

How To Write A Three-Paragraph Essay

In school, when students are first learning to become essay writers, the simple 5-paragraph paper is taught. This paper has three body paragraphs, an introduction, and a conclusion. An even simpler version for writing essay is a 3-paragraph paper. These include an introduction and conclusion like the longer version, but they tend to be shorter and more to the point. You also do not elaborate on your supporting details as much. It is usually used to demonstrate your knowledge on a topic, without requiring as much work and research as the longer version. Step 1: Understand Your Topic The Continue reading How To Write A Three-Paragraph Essay