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In order to complete a graduation and consecutively higher degrees, writing a term paper is deemed to be most important. Although it forms a small part of the entire curriculum, yet it carries the maximum weight in the aggregate marks. Though it is important, yet some students feel pressurised and tensed upon thinking of writing this paper. The reason may be they don’t receive any formal instruction in the class on how to write a paper.

Why do we write a term paper?
Now, a question may cross your mind, why do we need to write a research paper? What is the reason behind it?

  • One of the reasons is when you are writing a thesis; it sets you apart from the other mediocre students as it helps you to establish yourself eligible for higher studies.
  • It gives you the chance to show whether you have the ability to add something new and informative to the existing body of knowledge unique to the subject.
  • It reflects how critical you can think, how organized are you when it comes to delivering new ideas and how well you approach a research paper.
  • A course paper not only broadens the horizon of the theory but also enables the learner to learn something new.
  • It also helps to establish your expertise in a particular discipline and your ability to conduct research and come to acertain analytical conclusion.
  • It sharpens your analytical skills and flair for writing for the professional career you will pursue after graduation.

Types of Paper
Now, let us discuss the two major types of paper. It is generally of two types:

Argumentative Research Paper
In an argumentative research paper, the topic chosen shall be controversial and can be debatable. In this kind of paper, the writer clearly states the stance he/she is going to take and leaves the rest to the audience to think about the other position. There is no requirement of statistical application in this kind of paper.

Analytical Research Paper
In ananalytical research paper, the student begins by asking a question which he/she should seek answer of through the paper. Through this kind of writing, the student doesn’t argue on a particular topic; but critically interprets the topic under consideration. Here you may require inputting data and statistical calculation in order to prove that what you are willing to prove is rational.

These tips are all you need to know about successfully completing a course paper. Contact to learn more.

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